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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Lessons Learned the Hard Way

It's ok to make mistakes.  In fact, it's a necessary part of learning.  So in the spirit of laughing at your mistakes and not beating yourself up for them, here are four recent lessons I've learned the hard way:

1. I am prone to a bad case of the rest-day blues.  
It was so beautiful yesterday and I wanted to run SO badly, but I listened to my aching legs and took the day off.  It's ok - nothing that can't be made better by the most delicious cookie ever!

That chocolate raisin oat cookie was seriously SO good, especially dipped to coffee with soy milk.  I found it at a really cute coffee shop called "The Bean" just south of Union Square, and it was made by This Chick Bakes.  They several different kinds of vegan cookies.  I definitely need to go back and try some more!  

2. Yoga pants are not running pants!
All of my usual running clothes were in the wash, so this morning I set out in my comfy purple yoga pants.  At first I was amused with my choice in color combination:

But it led to the most embarrassing run ever!  After just five minutes I realized these pants were definitely NOT made for running because they kept falling down!  Anyone who saw my running today was treated to the sight of me frantically pulling my pants up every few seconds.  So embarrassing!  

3. When I do not properly refuel after workouts, I become a bottomless pit of hunger.   
Everything seemed fine yesterday until after dinner when, despite eating more than usual, I felt like I was starving.  So I devoured a vegan zucchini scone I picked up from the Union Square farmers' market, covered in almond butter.

Later I had about a thousand chocolate-covered cacao nibs and a huge piece of left over chocolate bar pie.  It did not feel good to have to eat so much simply to not feel sick, and I do NOT want to go back to my ED ways, so I'm going to try harder to listen to my body and refuel properly!  

4. Fresh spinach does not stay fresh for very long.  

I bought that bunch on Saturday, and this is what I found this morning.  


Good thing there's an awesome supermarket that's only slightly out of the way on my walk home from the gym!  

And now, time for a lesson I learned the not-so-hard way:  I.  LOVE.  SPIN.  Seriously.  I always have so much fun in spin class!  It's like being on a carnival ride... plus added endorphins!  Can't wait for early morning spin class this Friday!  

What was your most embarrassing running/workout moment?  

Do you ever pick up more fresh produce than you can use?

What lessons have you had to learn the hard way?